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Have you already tasted ice cream, or sorbet as it comes out of the machine? I'm sure you haven't. It's quite simply marvelous. It is at this moment that it's at its best, it's simply scrumptious.
A quick snip of the scissors, you pour the Mix into the machine, and let your customers discover this special moment, which until now, only ice cream confectioners could appreciate.
The 'Glace de France' Mix cartons, already adopted by the most notable professionals, offer even to the novice, the recipes of an ice cream confectioner crowned world champion, and best craftsman in France.
Manufactured directly in the dairy, with scrupulously selected products, and no preservatives, according to a jealously guarded recipe, this treasure is available in several flavors. A simple pair of scissors, the 'Glace de France' Mix, and you can have the best there is, with such surprising ease. To order your Mix cartons right now, just click here.